You might know how much your business spends in total each year, but do you know exactly what you spend in each area or by each different supplier? Does it actually matter?

Simply stated, yes it does. Because if you are overspending in the wrong area or using too many suppliers at the expense of volume discounts or rebates then you are hurting your bottom line.

This is where Spend Surgery comes in.

We review your spend and supplier portfolio and provide you with recommendations and target achievements. And if your supplier spend is less than 2.5m GBP per annum (or your local currency equivalent), then we will do this for free.

What’s the catch?

There is none. You can take the recommendations, undertake them on your own, save them for a rainy day or ignore them. The choice is yours.

Of course if you need someone to implement the plan then we can talk and agree a fee dependant on the amount of work required. We are flexible on how this might be structured, and it can be a combination of days worked and savings achieved.

High Level Process

Interested? Wouldn’t mind free analysis of your spend? Then please get in touch.