We are able to transform your supply chain.


We’ve run the full process of selection, implementation and ongoing management of the following commodities;

Loss Adjusting | Motor Glass | Property Glass | Digital Platforms | Electrical Goods | Consumer Goods | Sporting Goods | Fleet and Accident Management | Vehicle Salvage | Flooring | Building Repairs | Body Shops | Paint | Legal Services | Surveyor Services | Jewellery | Third Party Administrators | Travel Insurance

Tenders, RFP’s and RFI’s

Who better to assist with the submission of a tender than someone who is usually running the process. We’ve run or assisted with the following tenders to Insurers, Intermediaries and House Builders;

Electrical Validation and Replacement Services | Warranty Aftercare | Jewellery Services | Flooring Validation and Replacement | Claims Outsourcing | Corporate Partner | 24/7 Building Care

Supply Chain Transformation

When business requirements change, the supply chain needs to be taken along on that journey. We specialise in transforming existing partners to quickly start delivering when the goal posts are moving, with particular skill in the insurance claims arena.

Connecting People and Businesses

We’ve built up an extensive network of contacts. But it’s not just about knowing people it’s about having first hand experience of a person or companies capabilities set against a particular need. Increasingly this is moving towards the digital transformation of everything but there is still room for traditional industries.