Irrespective of which class of insurance business you might be managing, there are consistent themes relevant to all that are helpful to bear in mind.

Never just look at the fees. Your claims indemnity is always more important.

◉ Supplier behaviour is usually more important than the commercials put in place.

◉ Create an environment where good performance is commercially rewarded.

It also really helps if you are able to understand the procurement / supply chain process AND the insurance claims process. This is where we excel.


Hands on claims experience

We have managed claims, claims teams, repair networks, built contents supply chains, created TPA functions, and run loss adjuster panels. We have done this as a supplier to the industry and on behalf of global insurers.


Extensive industry experience

We have re-engineered repair network processes, implemented IT projects and claims functions, reimagined salvage provision, and negotiated multiple ancillary product line deals o behalf of multiple insurers.


Largest UK bank

We have run a full blown multi year, multi product travel insurance tender from starting to map out all requirements to the final implementation of a new provider.

London Market

Top 5 syndicate

We have run tenders and managed all manner of suppliers across all classes of business within a leading Lloyds of London syndicate.