You only know what you know. No matter how mature your claims supply chain function might be, you can never been 100% sure that you are getting the best deal. We have multiple data sets that form part of our benchmarking analysis service. Contact us or book a meeting for more details.

Examples of our data sets


Builders and surveyors

We have full data sets covering the fees incurred, the claims outcome (fulfilled, cashed, zero settlement) and the final indemnity spend for surveyors.

For building repairs we have regional indemnity averages, national indemnity averages and claims management fees comparisons.

Loss Adjusters

Domestic and Commercial

At our disposal is a full set of fee data covering various claims types at every value banding.

Of course fees are only one aspect of a loss adjusters output and we have adherence to fee scale data as well as the all important average indemnity controls.

Third Party Administrators

UK and USA

Covering UK, USA and some other territories, we have an extensive data set on TPA’s.

Fees, conversions to Loss Adjusters, indemnity controls and claims outcomes are all covered. We also have data on low value claims as well as more complex and specialist claims.



Over the years we have built up a comprehensive set of legal rates covering most territories around the globe.

These are split by individual hourly rates according to seniority, by type of matter, and by the location the services would be provided.

Overall claims performance

Loss ratios to target operating models

Multiple data points covering the key metrics which provide valuable insights into how an insurance book of business is performing.

Our insights cover loss ratios, elapsed days from FNOL to closure, reopening rates, claims outcomes, average and total indemnity spend.