Consultancy experience gained from working for one of the leading Lloyd’s syndicates across multiple classes of business.


Procurement and management

We undertook a full review of the primary UK Third Party Administrator (TPA) followed by an in depth file review audit.

As a result, self serving behaviours from the supplier were identified which were leading to indemnity leakage. New commercial arrangements agreed to reflect a more optimum claims process which lead to substantial savings.

Similarly a data audit of the North American TPA’s showed that sub optimum claims processes were being implemented with an over reliance on use of Loss Adjusters. Revised processes and commercials were negotiated which again led to significant claims cost savings.


Design, consolidation and implementation

We found multiple legal firms being deployed across multiple classes of business with inevitable scope creep.

Once we had established the true spend by firm, we set about rationalising the panel based on performance metrics. Once this was achieved, we designed and implemented a set of billing protocols which each firm had to sign up to.

Finally we engaged with a legal matter management software provider who were able to actively apply the billing protocols and rates agreed on a matter by matter basis.


Procurement and negotiation

Here we worked with a very talented Cyber team who had in-depth knowledge a crystal clear vision of what the output needed to look like.

Whilst we often lead claims procurement projects due to our extensive knowledge, there are occasions where we immediately recognise we need to adopt a background supporting role. This was one of those occassions.

We provided procurement and negotiation support on a full blown RFI/RFP covering Incident Management, legal services, IT Forensics, Public Relations and other related IT providers.


Procurement and implementation

We ran a formal process to find an outsourced claims solution to take low value and run off claims following an acquisition.

Each provider had very different pricing models that could not be changed and therefore we created a complex data analysis tool to be able to accurately compare costs and benchmark against internal operational costs.


Process design and application

We provided the performance management blueprint for claims supplier management so that different classes of business were able to proactively manage claims suppliers.

By applying this model as well and commercial improvement methods, savings were soon realised on claims spend.

With backgrounds covering loss adjusting, building repair networks, supply chain management and auditing, we have unparalleled experience in insurance property supply chains.


Sourcing and management

From being a loss adjuster out in the field we’ve moved to managing teams and then entire loss adjusting panels. We have extensive data on fee bandings, outcomes and indemnity spend.

We are able to audit panel performance on a case by case basis, covering technical application as well as commercial considerations.

We also have a tried and tested methodology for getting the best performance out of loss adjusting firms.


Strategy and deployment

Having previously run repair networks on behalf of insurer clients this has given us a real hands-on knowledge of how to build a repair strategy for insurers.

We have in depth experience of the eco system of building repairs, covering drying, surveying, restoration, asbestos and restoration. We have set insurer strategies and deployed best of breed solutions.


Sourcing and procurement

Either as a stand alone product, a bolt on to a main domestic policy or as a value added cover to the main terms, we have expensive experience in undertaken market reviews of home emergency propositions.

We have previously run multiple audits on performance and then strategic reviews of insurers home emergency propositions.


Design and implementation

Having previously worked for contents providers we are uniquely placed to provide insight and strategy for insurers when it comes to contents spend.

We have created and delivered strategies for multiple clients for their contents spend. Primarily we focus on validation, repair and then replacement solutions in order to manage indemnity spend.

Main contents items are flooring, jewellery electrical goods and bikes.


Supply chain management

In addition to the main commodities, a complete property supply chain requires a lot more additional services. We have led strategies and tenders for all of them.

Suppliers will typically cover the following;

Glazing services, alternative accommodation, drainage solutions, asbestos testing and removal, garden items, DIY kit, weather validation and prediction services, fraud detection and forensics.