You only know what you know. No matter how mature your claims supply chain function might be, you can never been 100% sure that you are getting the best deal. We have multiple data sets that form part of our benchmarking analysis service. Contact us or book a meeting for more details.

Examples of our data sets


Builders and surveyors

We have full data sets covering the fees incurred, the claims outcome (fulfilled, cashed, zero settlement) and the final indemnity spend for surveyors.

For building repairs we have regional indemnity averages, national indemnity averages and claims management fees comparisons.

Loss Adjusters

Domestic and Commercial

At our disposal is a full set of fee data covering various claims types at every value banding.

Of course fees are only one aspect of a loss adjusters output and we have adherence to fee scale data as well as the all important average indemnity controls.

Third Party Administrators

UK and USA

Covering UK, USA and some other territories, we have an extensive data set on TPA’s.

Fees, conversions to Loss Adjusters, indemnity controls and claims outcomes are all covered. We also have data on low value claims as well as more complex and specialist claims.



Over the years we have built up a comprehensive set of legal rates covering most territories around the globe.

These are split by individual hourly rates according to seniority, by type of matter, and by the location the services would be provided.

Overall claims performance

Loss ratios to target operating models

Multiple data points covering the key metrics which provide valuable insights into how an insurance book of business is performing.

Our insights cover loss ratios, elapsed days from FNOL to closure, reopening rates, claims outcomes, average and total indemnity spend.

Irrespective of which class of insurance business you might be managing, there are consistent themes relevant to all that are helpful to bear in mind. With years of experience and a track record of delivery, we know what these are.

◉ Never just look at the fees. Your claims indemnity is always more important.
◉ Supplier behaviour is usually more important than the commercials put in place.
◉ Create an environment where good performance is commercially rewarded.

It also really helps if you are able to understand the procurement / supply chain process AND the insurance claims process. This is where we excel.


Hands on claims experience

We have managed claims, claims teams, repair networks, built contents supply chains, created TPA functions, and run loss adjuster panels. This has been done this as a supplier to the industry and on behalf of global insurers. We undertook a full review of the primary UK Third Party Administrator (TPA) followed by an in depth file review audit.


Extensive industry experience

We have re-engineered repair network processes, implemented IT projects and claims functions, reimagined salvage provision, and negotiated multiple ancillary product line deals o behalf of multiple insurers. We found multiple legal firms being deployed across multiple classes of business with inevitable scope creep.


Largest UK bank

We have run a full blown multi year, multi product travel insurance tender. Starting from mapping out all requirements to the final implementation of a new provider. Here we worked with a very talented Cyber team who had in-depth knowledge a crystal clear vision of what the output needed to look like.


Top 5 syndicate

We have run tenders and managed all manner of suppliers across all classes of business within a leading Lloyds of London syndicate. We ran a formal process to find an outsourced claims solution to take low value and run off claims following an acquisition.

Extensive experience of product, service and supplier evaluations for travel claims. Multi million pound tenders undertaken and implementation of new providers.


Strategy and procurement

On behalf of a major UK bank we undertook a complete market review of the packaged account provider.

We designed a and issued an RFP and launched a full blown tender process to ensure that the banks customers received value for money. We were able to identify and recommend a new provider and a transformation project launched to move from the incumbent to the new provider.


Sourcing and re-negotiation

The premium high net worth bank asked us to run a market review to ensure that the best customer value was being realised for their premium product lines.

A through market review across multiple brand identities was launched in conjunction with multiple highly involved stakeholders.

Renegotiation of terms and conditions were concluded with all parties very satisfied.


Evaluation and implementation

In many ways the standard travel product is the easy bit. The upgrades (voluntary) and medical conditions (prescribed) are the hard bit.

Working with third party medical assessment providers we were able to navigate our client through industry applied scoring to ensure that we could provide a continuation of cover even with a change of provider.

Full motor claim supply chain experience and demonstrable track record of achievement.


Strategy and management

On behalf of a major global insurer we have designed the repairer strategy, tendered to the market and implemented a new repair solution.

Using multiple data points and sources with target average repair costs we were able to rationalise a network and make operational improvements with target cost deductions achieved. As importantly, we have significantly improved customer service metrics.


Sourcing and negotiation

We have renegotiated multiple glass deals over the years. Because of the nature of fixed unit price deals, a change in book can leave the insurer at a considerable disadvantage. Coupled with rising costs and inflation we believe it is often a requirement to review commercial deals more regularly than previously done.

Changing technology has also led to the requirement for multiple supplier panels which we have successfully implemented.


Design and implementation

Sometimes it’s not just changing the supplier that is required, but the entire process.

And the supplier.

Working with a motor client we completely redesigned the salvage process Starting with when the agent was deployed, to onsite engineering led categorisation, inside storage, and then the auction process.

Not only was the final product exemplary from a compliance standpoint, but returns back to the client were also improved.


Commercial negotiation

Negotiating parts and paint on behalf of a large retail insurer.

Using multiple data points from within the business we were able to renegotiate commercial deals to reflect a growing and changing book of business and make it as future proof as we could.

Having previously worked for contents providers we are uniquely placed to provide insight and strategy for insurers when it comes to contents spend.


Consolidation and procurement

Claims IT in motor was delivered as a programme of works to consolidate outdated technology deals and combat a complex pricing structure that saw overlapping charges at multiple points.

Similarly a consolation of legal firms and introduction of more fixed menu pricing created sizable savings.

Insurance claims specialists based in London

I started life as a graduate trainee loss adjuster dealing with domestic and commercial claims in east London. Having progressed to managing teams and then running building repair networks I then joined a global insurer where I then ran the claims supply chain. What this means is that I understand claims and the eco system of a claims supply chain across multiple classes of business.

Founded by Ian Guest

  • Procurement and supply chain consultant for two of the largest UK insurers
  • NED for a leading UK motor repair network
  • Business development with a commercial and marine cargo salvage provider
  • Adviser to a direct to insurer building repairer
  • Project manager for a joint venture in property TPA space
  • Consultant to the largest UK bank for travel insurance proposition and technology renewals
  • Procurement consultant looking at all claims spend for one of the largest London syndicates
  • Head of research and innovation for a building repair network
  • Chief Operating Officer for specialised building firm
  • Claims supply manager for a global insurer