To transform something you first need to understand what you have.
Our previous projects have all followed a similar route;
1. Establish what your spend is. Firstly at a high level, like by commodity, then by sub category.
2. Map out if this matches your previous understanding of where your spend is.
(Spoiler alert – it isn’t)
3. Figure out why this is the case – it could be that you are over relying on a supplier that you really shouldn’t.
4. Benchmark against other data sets what the right amount of spend per area should be.
5. Then pause and take a step back. Look at processes along the way – are you getting what you need? Are the right suppliers doing the right things?
6. Map out with stakeholders where the gaps are.
7. Create your own “ideal” scenario.
8. Take that to either market or your existing providers.

Sometimes you might have nothing to transform, but rather the requirement to create, from scratch. Working with supply partners Ether has created a household TPA function from a green field site.